2019 Programme

Programme for the Fourth Annual Conference of the International Society for Polysystem Studies Bilbao, Euskadi (Spain) – 21-23 October 2019

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Conference Venue: Bizkaia Aretoa

Monday, Oct 21

4 p.m.  Inaugural ceremony (Arriaga Hall)

  • Welcome from representatives of the Bilbao mayor’s office and the office of the Rector of the University of the Basque Country (UPV-EHU)

4:30 p.m. Table 1

    • Asier Barandiaran: “Tensions between the Navarrese and Basque Literary Systems in the Last Quarter of the 20th Century”
    • Jon Kortazar: “Los Premios Nacionales en el Sistema literario vasco”  [Abstract]
    • Roel During: “Boundary Analysis within Polysystems Theory: the Power of Resilience”  [Abstract]
    • Rosalie van Dam: “Power dynamics in selforganizing groups of citizens taking charge of their living environment in the Netherlands. Discussion from the perspective of Polysystem Theory”  [Abstract]
    • Aiora Sampedro: “Building a discourse in the polysystem of literature: A matter of moving ahead”  [Abstract]

6:30 p.m. Special Session  

  • Carolina Magaldi, Federal University of Juiz de Fora, Brazil  (via Skype): “Pushing the envelope: 30 years of Polysystem research at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora”

Tuesday, Oct 22

9.30 a.m. Keynote speaker (Elhuyar Hall)     

  • Darío Villanueva, University of Santiago de Compostela and Real Academia Española:  “Pensamiento fuerte: Polisistemas y filología”  [es Abstract en Abstract]

 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Table 2 

  • Carolina Ferrer, University of  Québec in Montréal: “El polisistema literario mundial en la era de las humanidades digitales: de Babel a la criticometría”  [Abstract]
  • Frederik Verbeke, University of the Basque Country: “When Polysystem Studies Meets Ecocriticism and Vice Versa”  [Abstract]
  • David Souto, Trinity College: “A Polysystemic Approach to the Modern Institution of Reading”  [Abstract]
  • Simona Škrabec, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya:  “Portrait of a Child Post-war Europe or How to Deal with a Shattered World”  [Abstract]


4 p.m. Table 3 Members of the GALABRA Research Group from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Arriaga Hall)

  • Irene Pichel: “Método Reinert y Análisis de Similitudes. Explorando centralidades y subalternidades en el discurso jacobeo contemporáneo”
  • Elias Torres: “Compromiso Social Investigador con entidades locales: análisis de un proyecto sobre Santiago de Compostela”  
  • Emilio Carral: “Perspectiva polisistémica en el análisis de la relación turismo-gastronomia: El caso de Santiago de Compostela”  [Abstract]

6 p.m. Reception at Bilbao City Hall

Wednesday, Oct 23

9.30 a.m. Table 4 (Elhuyar Hall)

  • José Manuel López and Xabier Etxaniz, University of the Basque Country: “Literatura infantil y contrucción nacional en el País Vasco”  [Abstract]
  • Marijan Dovic, Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts:  “The Art of Improvisation: From ‘Bertsolaritza’ to Jazz” 
  • Ur Apalategi, University of  Pau: “The use of the detective novel in a diglossic and peripheral context. Itxaro Borda’s hexalogy”  [Abstract]
  • Wadda Rios-Font,  Barnard College: “The Repertoire of Spanish Centralism: from the Cádiz Courts of 1812 to the Current Catalan Crisis”

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. Final Discussion  

  • Conveners: Massimiliano Bampi  (Ca Foscari University) Itamar Even-Zohar (Tel-Aviv University), Thomas S. Harrington (Trinity College), Rakefet Sela-Sheffy (Tel-Aviv University), Jaume  Subirana (Pompeu Fabra University)  

Farewell Lunch

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