Introduction of Professor José Lambert

Professor José Lambert. Pre- and post-destination
Looking for explanations in culture and complexity

It is a great pleasure and honor to present today Professor José Lambert as our first keynote speaker in what will hopefully become an annual event. We all know José as one of the founding fathers and leading figures of modern Translation Studies that have been flourishing throughout the last four decades or more. Initially a comparatist and a Germanist, José moved very early in his career to developing Translation Studies at Leuven University, which is known until today as a prominent center of this field. He was the founder, back in 1989, of CETRA – the International Center for Translation Studies in Leuven that has since become a powerful canonizing center: today, to be a CETRA professor actually means to be crowned an international respectable figure of translation studies. Back in the late 1980s, Professor Lambert was also the co-founder, together with Gideon Toury, of Target, the uncontested leading journal of Translation Studies to date. But it would be fair to say that all this started with the international conference José organized with colleagues in Leuven in 1976, which event (together with the second conference that followed two years later in Tel Aviv) has become a mythological milestone in the history of this vibrant ever-changing field of study. Itamar Even-Zohar was obviously also there, and so there was also a brilliant PhD student by the name of Gideon Toury – and the rest is history… Continue reading

ISPS First Lecture

The goal of the International Society for Polysystem Studies (ISPS) is to create and maintain an open and evolving forum for all those interested in, and dedicated to, the use and promotion of Polysystem Theory.

As an important initial step in the pursuit of this goal, we are convening the first annual meeting of the ISPS in Reykholt, Iceland on June 28th and 29th 2016. At that time professor Jose Lambert, a distinguished scholar whose work has been strongly influenced by Polysystem Theory, will deliver the first annual Itamar Even-Zohar Lecture. We expect to stage similar celebrations of the study of culture at various points around the globe in the coming years.

This conference is organized in co-operation with the Translation Center of the University of Iceland.